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Olympic Lifting Clinic Jan. 17th 2015


On Saturday January 17th I attended my first Olympic Lifting Clinic hosted by CrossFit Pledge Fitness. I didn’t really know what to expect going into the gym that morning. As an endurance athlete I supplement strength training so I can yield more power but olympic lifting is never really my main focus. Strength training can be addicting, you see your numbers go up on lifts like a back squat or a bench press and you want to do it more and more to hit those bigger numbers. With Olympic lifting sometimes it can be quite the opposite. The snatch and clean and jerk are so technical it requires you to invest time into achieving those big numbers. You can’t muscle your way to a snatching a ton of weight. That is where I stood I found it to be difficult but I didn’t invest time into the technique to improve it. I would soon realize that signing up for this Olympic Lifting Clinic was exactly what I needed.

HD6C2800We were introduced to Anthony Pomponio who hosted the class, he is the 2014 American Open 85kg  Class Gold Medalist in Total and in Snatch. He informed us that we would be focusing on the snatch and walked us through proper form and techniques that would help us in the lift. He showed us videos of himself and his team and pointed out the technique used to effectively lift the weight. Once the presentation was wrapped up it was time to get to work, we all laced up our Oly shoes and grabbed a bar.

We ran through some drills and Anthony gave us suggestions on correcting our form. He took the time to watch each and every one of us and help us with our posture and provided tips on how to correct it. When we were all warmed up we partnered up and started to Snatch.

I worked with Fermin, he’s fairly new to the gym but is one dedicated dude. He has made incredible progress and his determination to improve is extremely motivating. We found a nice weight to start of doing 3 reps each and climbed from there. For both of us it was hard to get in a deep squat position but we kept at it encouraging each other and adjusting with the feedback given by Anthony. As the reps grew our form improved and the weight on the bar increased. How do you get better at a movement? You do it over and over until you get it right. It wasn’t about snatching a ton of weight it was about improving our technique with a comfortable weight. We all had the urge to max out but the first task was to fine tune technique.

When it was time to max out everyone cheered each other one as we hit our numbers. It’s incredible the results you get when you dedicate three hours to one lift and have a group of determined individuals motivating you. I never thought I would get good in the snatch lift but with more work ill hit some good numbers. The most positive comment that Anthony made is how knowledgeable our coaches were. he spoke highly of coach Ray and Eddie and complimented our gym in more than one occasion. I’m very honored to be training her at CrossFit Pledge Fitness and to have the resources that they provide. The day came to and end as we watched coach Eddie maxed out with an impressive 235lbs snatch.

And of course the class was documented by the CrossFit Pledge Fitness photographer Armando Colunga. Enjoy the video as this was a fantastic experience and I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity and attend an Olympic Lifting Clinic.


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