Crossfit Pledge Fitness presents our athlete of the month for February: Miguel Casillas. Congratulations Miguel!

Miguel CasillasCFPF: Take us through the process of not being able to complete a 400 meter run when you first started to finishing the LA marathon this past month.

MC: The process to be able to complete the 400 meters at the beginning was a big achievement for me because I couldn’t do it without stopping. I remember I fell down one time hitting the corner and another time I almost tripped. But honestly, just the people and the vibe at Pledge were always pushing me and supporting me, to the point that I kept pushing and showing up to class to the track on the Saturday and blacklistLA on Monday. All of that lead me to complete the L.A. Marathon. I went from 400 meters to a 5k to a half marathon to finally 26.2 miles. Thanks to all the coaches and friends from Pledge and through mind over matter.

CFPF: What’s your least favorite and favorite WOD or lift?

MC: My least favorite is the snatch because I struggle with those more than others but they’re also my favorite, I know I’m weird like that…And my favorite WOD is whatever is on Friday because after that is food time!!!!

CFPF: When did you start at Pledge Fitness?

MC: I started Pledge at the end of February of 2015.

CFPF: What is your proudest fitness achievement?

MC: My biggest fitness achievement so far has been completing the L.A. Marathon. But my proudest moment, I still haven’t achieved it. I’m working on it.

CFPF: What is your advice to someone who wants to start Crossfit or exercising in general?

MC: If someone want to start Crossfit, I say do it. It only benefits yourself. It’s what you make of it that makes it count. Follow your fitness goals and execute them. Time and patience will get you there. Thank you to everyone at Pledge.