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Achieving milestones to reach your goals

Reaching GoalsGoals, we all have them. No matter how big or small they might be we all work towards them. But do you have a execution plan to reach your goals? Are you taking all the right steps in your workouts and your diet to reach the little goals. Achieving milestones in your training will eventually help you reach your bigger goals. Often times we have these big goals but don’t really have a road map to follow how to get there. We get lost in so many workouts that we forget to focus on the target areas and take a few to many cheat days and throw off our nutrition.

When I first started my fitness journey my big goal was to become a better/faster cyclist. My first milestone was to shed weight. I followed a simple formula, eat less calories than I burned. So I did double cardio every day and stuck to salads, turkey sandwiches and fruits. There is a huge problem with that plan, I was not building strength so my weight lifting numbers were pathetic. Sure I was lighter but how can my legs push my body weight on the bike with no strength, I had no balance in this plan. To test myself I would ride to the beach and back home witch is about 27 miles and it would take me a little over 2 hours to complete.

I made changes to my fitness plan by introducing lifting into the equation. I wanted to strengthen my legs to be faster on the bike, simple enough right? I started squatting in every variation. Single leg squats, front and back squats, everything to make my numbers go up and squat heavier weight. I figured if I can move my body weight up and down I can pedal it a lot faster as well.

Working towards one goal creates new milestones in your training. I started competing against myself trying to beat my last WOD time. Another milestone was to reach the recommended weight on the WODs. Both of these milestones came with time. I wasn’t able to do a single pull-up but I worked hard towards it. I started with ring rolls and progressed, moved to assisted pull-ups with a band until I could do a pull-ups. I was building strength and because of that It was time to change my eating habits to replenish my body and fuel properly. I asked my coaches tons of questions and researched how to fuel my body properly to reach my goals. At this point I wanted to be as lean as possible with enough strength to be fast on the bike. Making adjustments is all part of the game, you need to be able to listen to your body and adjust accordingly. Everyones body is different and we all have unique goals. Luckily I have coaches full of knowledge to guide me along the way.

Every milestone was a win and progress towards my bigger goal. I did get faster on the bike. The same ride that took me two hours now takes me an hour and a half. But more importantly my goals have grown along with me. Its important to take joy in progress and celebrate the little wins to keep you motivated. We all have our low points when we feel that it is taking to long and the results aren’t happening fast enough. I myself have been at it for nearly two years and still feel I have a long way to go. I might not hit the numbers I want today but I will be back to try again tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. Stay hungry and keep working you’ll get there with dedication and the help of those around you.

– Jaime Martinez

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What Motivates You?

motivating-your-employeesWe all have goals that we want to reach but what keeps you hungry and motivated to train everyday and push your body to achieve those goals. Everyone has a different goal they want to achieve. Some want to get in shape to run a marathon, some want to only be able to keep up with their kids active life style. For me I would like to some day complete a full distance Ironman triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run). Whatever your goal may be it cannot be accomplished unless you put in the work. So I ask again where do you find the motivation to get up and closer to that goal.

For me one of my biggest motivations is my wife. She is currently training to run her first marathon but completing that isn’t the end goal. She plans to run three marathons in one year and eventually some day run an ultra marathon (100 mile run with in 24 hours). Trust me living with such a motivated person can spark a flame in your ass and keep you wanting to improve, But sadly we cannot train together because one of us has to stay back and watch the kids. This is where the motivation from my gym mates comes in.

Having a gym or second home which most of us like to call it, places you in an environment where motivated individuals surround you. Everyone has different goals that they are working towards and have different strengths. Ultimately everyone there is a bad ass in his or her own way. This is why I love Crossfit Pledge Fitness. I can find motivation there anytime through anyone. It’s easy for me to literally go of and run anywhere but I choose to drive to the gym and start and end my run there. I find that being there pumps me up to tackle any challenge. Everyone is friendly, supportive and passionate about fitness.

The goal I have set for myself wont be accomplished over night. I have already completed various triathlon distances this past year. This year I’m focusing on completing a couple half ironman races and in 2016 I will reach my goal of completing a full distance Ironman. In the gym I have found training partners. I swim with my fellow gym mate three times a week, I run with the Pledge running group and I strength train with the evening classes. The coaches know my goals and help me stay focused.

Set a goal so BIG that you can’t achieve it… Until you grow into the person who can.

This quote stays in my head and I repeat it over and over. But its not the quote that keeps me motivated Its the people around me that help me grow that motivate me. Thank you everyone at Pledge Fitness because of your dedication and strength I have grown.

So I ask again what motivates you?

– Jaime Martinez

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Olympic Lifting Clinic Jan. 17th 2015


On Saturday January 17th I attended my first Olympic Lifting Clinic hosted by CrossFit Pledge Fitness. I didn’t really know what to expect going into the gym that morning. As an endurance athlete I supplement strength training so I can yield more power but olympic lifting is never really my main focus. Strength training can be addicting, you see your numbers go up on lifts like a back squat or a bench press and you want to do it more and more to hit those bigger numbers. With Olympic lifting sometimes it can be quite the opposite. The snatch and clean and jerk are so technical it requires you to invest time into achieving those big numbers. You can’t muscle your way to a snatching a ton of weight. That is where I stood I found it to be difficult but I didn’t invest time into the technique to improve it. I would soon realize that signing up for this Olympic Lifting Clinic was exactly what I needed.

HD6C2800We were introduced to Anthony Pomponio who hosted the class, he is the 2014 American Open 85kg  Class Gold Medalist in Total and in Snatch. He informed us that we would be focusing on the snatch and walked us through proper form and techniques that would help us in the lift. He showed us videos of himself and his team and pointed out the technique used to effectively lift the weight. Once the presentation was wrapped up it was time to get to work, we all laced up our Oly shoes and grabbed a bar.

We ran through some drills and Anthony gave us suggestions on correcting our form. He took the time to watch each and every one of us and help us with our posture and provided tips on how to correct it. When we were all warmed up we partnered up and started to Snatch.

I worked with Fermin, he’s fairly new to the gym but is one dedicated dude. He has made incredible progress and his determination to improve is extremely motivating. We found a nice weight to start of doing 3 reps each and climbed from there. For both of us it was hard to get in a deep squat position but we kept at it encouraging each other and adjusting with the feedback given by Anthony. As the reps grew our form improved and the weight on the bar increased. How do you get better at a movement? You do it over and over until you get it right. It wasn’t about snatching a ton of weight it was about improving our technique with a comfortable weight. We all had the urge to max out but the first task was to fine tune technique.

When it was time to max out everyone cheered each other one as we hit our numbers. It’s incredible the results you get when you dedicate three hours to one lift and have a group of determined individuals motivating you. I never thought I would get good in the snatch lift but with more work ill hit some good numbers. The most positive comment that Anthony made is how knowledgeable our coaches were. he spoke highly of coach Ray and Eddie and complimented our gym in more than one occasion. I’m very honored to be training her at CrossFit Pledge Fitness and to have the resources that they provide. The day came to and end as we watched coach Eddie maxed out with an impressive 235lbs snatch.

And of course the class was documented by the CrossFit Pledge Fitness photographer Armando Colunga. Enjoy the video as this was a fantastic experience and I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity and attend an Olympic Lifting Clinic.


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10891739_766647920056557_3244608662418856045_nFor this Monday motivation, we are recognizing Sangee. What impresses me most about her is how quickly she applies what she learns. This girls was executing #leans the same day she learned them. She’s a natural! And what makes her an awesome individual is her great personality. Keep up the great work and you better not miss today because today we squat.

– Raymond

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Boj Noni Nueva

We all know Boj as the nice guy and probably one of the most friendly and kindest members of the gym. But when it comes to training his mind shifts into beast mode and his hunger for strength comes out. Boj was looking for a way to make some changes in his life and found CrossFit to be an interesting approach. After visiting other local gyms he decided he wanted to join the CrossFit Pledge Fitness family. It has been a little over a year now and with hard work and dedication Boj has transformed into a great athlete. His strength has increased and he has also started taking on new challenges. When you see his work ethic its no surprise how far he has come in such a short time, this fuels his hunger and makes him want to grow more as a person and an athlete.

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