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10806212_749862745068408_1783858800269581794_nRamzi has been with us for a short time, but in that short time he has made HUGE improvements! Ramzi brings a new spin to the gym with his great sense of humor and charming personality. If you find him at the gym, you can be sure that he will crack a joke or two and make everyone laugh. Keep up the great work and keep killing it, Ramzi

Featured Members


For today’s Friday dedication I would like to recognize Michelle. This awesome human being has been with us for close to two years. Every single day, she comes in ready to train hard despite her long hours at the hospital. This lady works more than most people I know. Doing 12-24 hour shifts and still managing to suck it up and do a hard WOD. Plainly, she has no excuses, out performs people half her age, and she’s a great person. We are lucky to have her. Plus, she can do more strict pull ups than most men….yup, she can kick your ass too!

Featured Members