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10891739_766647920056557_3244608662418856045_nFor this Monday motivation, we are recognizing Sangee. What impresses me most about her is how quickly she applies what she learns. This girls was executing #leans the same day she learned them. She’s a natural! And what makes her an awesome individual is her great personality. Keep up the great work and you better not miss today because today we squat.

– Raymond

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10906000_761491170572232_3862977716311116232_nI want to take a minute to recognize Roxy. This lady has been impressing us since day one. She’s naturally athletic and her ripped body is a testament of her diet #discipline. Despite her natural abilities, Roxy always struggled with Olympic Lifts. Well, those days are over! As you can see by this picture, her dedication and #patience has paid off. She comes to every olympic class and focuses on her technique. Great work Roxy. Keep killing the WODs and keep giving kids have your age a run for their money! You’re an impressive machine!

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10881609_758712684183414_181826346777380182_nFor today’s Motivational Monday, I want to recognize coach Eddie. This young Marine has come a LONG way with his weightlifting endeavors. Not only is his lifting improving, but so is his coaching skills. My most memorable moment I have of him is when he was excited to eat a pizza and me being the dick that I am said “do you deserve carbs?” Hahaha! After that day, he cleaned up his diet and has transformed himself dramatically. His brings me to my next point, Eddie is a full time student, he coaches part time, he is a full time husband, and fuse what? He is a full time dad to 3 children. And guess one more thing? He manages to still train and never has excuses. We can all learn something from him. Stay motivated and stop your excuses!

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10449907_754097777978238_7104615635365329725_nFor today’s Motivational Monday , I want to recognize Fermin for all his hardwork and dedication. Fermin has been with us for a short time, but in that short time he has taken major leaps forward. Your hard work doesn’t go untouched. Stay motivated and focused and your reach your goal sooner than you know. See you later!

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1610829_751138354940847_1270397857642103532_nFor today’s Monday Motivation, I want to take a moment to recognize Melissa. Melissa, has been with us for over a year now and has taken major leaps forward within the last few months. Like many women, she was scared to lift heavy and test her limits. Well, as you can see, that is no longer an issue. She’s been more consistent than ever, and her progress is a testament of that. The hours she’s spends working on bettering her technique do not go unnoticed. Myself and the rest of the coaches have noticed HUGE improvements in her development. And all of these improvements have carried over into her sport, softball. Keep up the great work, Melissa. And stay motivated. DON’T SKIP LEG DAY! MONDAY IS LEG DAY!

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