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May 2016 Athlete of the Month

image1Crossfit Pledge Fitness presents our May Athlete of the Month: Angel Martinez!

Hi Angel! Congrats on being named athlete of the month for May! We’re really proud of your improvement and consistency!

CFPF: What is your proudest fitness achievement?

AM: To date, one of my proudest fitness achievements has been to run a mile under 7 minutes. Seeing improvements in my speed and overall strength. I remember when I first started, I could barely lift the bar and now not only can I lift the bar but I can add weight!

CFPF: When did you start Crossfit and what attracted you to Crossfit Pledge Fitness?

AM: I started in August of last year. Prior to joining Crossfit Pledge Fitness, I was already going to the gym and although it was helping, I realized that I needed something else to bump up my workouts. I started using a waist trainer from TrainingYourWaist, and noticed a huge difference in my stomach and hips. I heard about Crossfit Pledge Fitness through a friend and decided to check it out and I am grateful I did. I came in with an open mind and saw the positive environment created by the coaches and the rest of the other athletes who have become like a family to me.

CFPF: What does your ideal workout look like?

AM: My ideal workout includes a lot of cardio and pushing sleds at 5:30 AM. I hate having to wake up so early, but I love the workout. The pushing and pulling puts all my extremities to work which is something that I love. It is difficult, but it gives me a great sense of satisfaction especially when I compare my progression from the first Friday session I did to now, which makes the waking up at 5 AM worth it!

CFPF: One thing that people don’t know about me is:

AM: I don’t like scary movies.

CFPF: What are your future goals as an athlete?

AM: Among other things, my future goals are to make fitness a permanent part of my life and to continue to learn and improve my fitness and lifestyle as a whole. I want to share what I have learned here with those around me as well as getting slimmer and stronger. I want to get in the best shape of my life and get that highly desired summer body!

CFPF: What’s your secret to achieving and maintaining fitness?

AM: There is no real secret, I believe that staying dedicated to one’s goal and working out consistently are key not only to maintaining fitness but in life in general.

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February 2016 Athlete of the Month

Crossfit Pledge Fitness presents our athlete of the month for February: Miguel Casillas. Congratulations Miguel!

Miguel CasillasCFPF: Take us through the process of not being able to complete a 400 meter run when you first started to finishing the LA marathon this past month.

MC: The process to be able to complete the 400 meters at the beginning was a big achievement for me because I couldn’t do it without stopping. I remember I fell down one time hitting the corner and another time I almost tripped. But honestly, just the people and the vibe at Pledge were always pushing me and supporting me, to the point that I kept pushing and showing up to class to the track on the Saturday and blacklistLA on Monday. All of that lead me to complete the L.A. Marathon. I went from 400 meters to a 5k to a half marathon to finally 26.2 miles. Thanks to all the coaches and friends from Pledge and through mind over matter.

CFPF: What’s your least favorite and favorite WOD or lift?

MC: My least favorite is the snatch because I struggle with those more than others but they’re also my favorite, I know I’m weird like that…And my favorite WOD is whatever is on Friday because after that is food time!!!!

CFPF: When did you start at Pledge Fitness?

MC: I started Pledge at the end of February of 2015.

CFPF: What is your proudest fitness achievement?

MC: My biggest fitness achievement so far has been completing the L.A. Marathon. But my proudest moment, I still haven’t achieved it. I’m working on it.

CFPF: What is your advice to someone who wants to start Crossfit or exercising in general?

MC: If someone want to start Crossfit, I say do it. It only benefits yourself. It’s what you make of it that makes it count. Follow your fitness goals and execute them. Time and patience will get you there. Thank you to everyone at Pledge.

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January 2016 Athletes of the Month

Each month, CrossFit Pledge Fitness will highlight and recognize athletes for their commitment and dedication to fitness. This month, the staff would like to congratulate Doug & Leah Jacot and Dennis & Siboney Castillo as January Athletes of the Month!


CrossFit Pledge FitnessCFPF: When did you start CrossFit and what attracted you to CrossFit Pledge Fitness?

Doug: March 2015

Leah: I started CrossFit in Aug 2014. My hematologist suggested it, because it involves so many different exercises that help to keep our bones and muscles strong.

CFPF: What is your favorite/least favorite workout or lift?

Doug: Sleds are my favorite workout.

Leah: I like split jerks, and hate wall balls. Just a matter of time until I break my nose. 😉

CFPF: Name one achievement that you’ve accomplished at Pledge that you’re most proud of:

Doug: I can run a 7 min 30 second mile and when I started I could not even run 800 meters without even stopping.

Leah: I really can’t pick one but I am going to be 48, and feel better than since I was a teenager. 10 min mile? 230 on my 1 rep max for deadlift and squat.

CFPF: What are your future goals as an athlete?:

Doug: Keep improving my cardio and flexibility.

Leah: I would like to get to a 9 min mile. And maybe make it to 4 classes a week.

CFPF: One thing that people don’t know about me is:

Doug: I am a huge hockey fan.

Leah: N/A

CFPF: What is your advice to someone who is contemplating about joining the gym/CrossFit?

Doug: Be committed- make sure you go 4 days a week and pretty soon that will become a routine and things will get easier.

Leah: I feel that we have a great group of members and coaches that will support you. Keep coming we were all beginners at one time.


CrossFit Pledge Fitness CFPF: When did you start CrossFit and what attracted you to CrossFit Pledge Fitness?

Dennis: I started in 2013 when I began college in Hawaii. I love CrossFit because it’s challenging and varied. The workouts are intense but scaleable for all skill levels and ages. Some see crossfitters as cultists but I see CrossFit as a community. That’s what attracted me to CrossFit Pledge Fitness. It’s a tight knit and supportive community. It’s not ego-centric like going to a ‘globo-gym.’ There aren’t dudes doing bro-reps and staring at the mirrors. It’s just a supportive community where members encourage and motivate each other to achieve their goals.

Siboney: I started CrossFit at the end of 2012. I used to be a long distance runner and did a few half marathons but as I kept increasing my mileage, my hip and knee began to bother me. It got so bad where I couldn’t even run a mile. So I stopped running and had to find another form of exercise. What I liked about Pledge fitness is that it didn’t seem too “crossfitty”, if that makes sense. Everyone seemed like normal people trying to get in shape rather than those advanced athletes that look down on others because of their fitness level. Also, the gym is veteran friendly so that was a plus since I just got off of Active duty.

CFPF: What is your favorite/least favorite workout or lift?

Dennis: my favorite lift is the snatch. It is the most challenging and technical movement I’ve ever done and it’s the most frustrating and satisfying lift ever. My favorite workout is ‘Annie’ (50, 40, 30, 20 and 10 Double-Under and Sit-Ups). It’s a fast and intense burner. Great WOD!

Siboney: My favorite lift is the squat clean, and my least, I’d have to say is the thruster. It used to be the snatch but I feel like I’m finally seeing some improvement so I kinda like it now.

CFPF: Name one achievement that you’ve accomplished at Pledge that you’re most proud of:

Dennis: I recently hit a 185# snatch and 215# clean and jerk. I love Olympic weightlifting but since moving back from Hawaii in 2015, I haven’t trained nearly as much as I used to. Those numbers aren’t PR’s but their numbers I’m content with for as long as I’ve been out of training for.

Siboney: After taking two weeks off from the gym, my first day back I hang cleaned 110 lbs. My max right now is 115. I was really surprised.

CFPF: What are your future goals as an athlete?:

Dennis: To become a more efficient mover and to achieve better conditioning. I also want to learn how to coach to show others how they can use CrossFit and weightlifting to make their lives healthier and happier.

Siboney: My goals right now are to increase my clean and jerk, snatch, and deadlift.

CrossFit Pledge FitnessCFPF: One thing that people don’t know about me is:

Dennis: I can eat Yoshinoya every day, 3 times a day for the rest of my life. Beef bowl city.

Siboney: Sometimes after a WOD, I eat a bag of hot Cheetos and a protein drink for dinner.

CFPF: What is your advice to someone who is contemplating about joining the gym/CrossFit?

Dennis: Just try it. You’ll transform your habits and your perception of working out. Go into the sport without any preconceptions. Let go of your ego. Be humble and have fun. Don’t compare yourself to others. Push your limits but be safe. Ignore the stereotypes and give CrossFit a fair chance. It’s an amazing community; especially the community at Pledge Fitness.

Siboney: Pledge Fitness is a great environment so there’s no need to feel out of place or embarrassed. You’ll be amazed at what your body can do if you push yourself. And it’s worth every penny.

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