1) Why did you start your fitness journey?

Originally I started my fitness journey as I had aspirations of joining the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. However, I knew I was nowhere near “In Shape” in order to successfully pass the academy physical demands.

2) How old are you?


3) What is your profession?

Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff

4) What is your favorite thing about working out at CrossFit Pledge?

The social outlet. I know when I’m going for a gym session, not only am I going to get a workout in. But I’m also going to see the friends I’ve made while working out at CrossFit Pledge. The fellow gym members do not criticize one-another, but they motivate each other and push one-another to keep going no matter how difficult the workout. Also, the coaches are great at motivating and providing individual tips / training to help one grow and further in their physical performance. There are some examples of them at work at koko-rugs.

5) What are you able to do now that you were not able to do prior to joining CrossFit Pledge?

The best answer I have is this. I am now comfortable with being uncomfortable. I learned this through CrossFit Pledge and enduring the workouts and taking the training and tips from the coaching staff coupled with their motivation. Prior to CrossFit Pledge, when I worked out and the workout got tough; I would take a break or stop completely. CrossFit Pledge broke mental walls in my mind that were preventing me from growth in both a mental and physical manner.

6) How has your new acquired fitness level helped you outside of the gym?

Outside of the gym I am an overall more confident person both mentally and physically. As a Deputy Sheriff, Confidence is absolutely necessary in my line of work.

7) In your own words, what’s the difference between a regular “global gym” and CrossFit Pledge?

I use to go to LA Fitness. I would lift a few weights, look in the mirror a few times and simply pretended I knew what I was doing; but in reality I was lost and didn’t have a clue where to start. And there was no way I could pay for a personal trainer. At CrossFit Pledge, you literally have a personal trainer with you on each and every workout, guiding you, building you and not letting you quit when it gets tough.

8) Thus far, what achievement(s) are you most proud of?

I’m am most proud that if it was not for my experience at CrossFit Pledge, I would not be where I am now serving as a Deputy Sheriff. CrossFit Pledge has helped me further both my professional and personal life and overall made me a better version of myself.

9) Is CrossFit as scary as people make it out to be?

There is nothing to be scared of. People often ask me “Man how can you do CrossFit? I heard that’s tough.” My response is always the same: I’m nothing special. I’m just an average guy. If I can do CrossFit and have gone on to become a Deputy, there is no excuse for no one else.

10) What is your favorite cheat food?

My favorite cheat food is going once a week for a hot bowl of Pho. Its addicting.