image1Crossfit Pledge Fitness presents our May Athlete of the Month: Angel Martinez!

Hi Angel! Congrats on being named athlete of the month for May! We’re really proud of your improvement and consistency!

CFPF: What is your proudest fitness achievement?

AM: To date, one of my proudest fitness achievements has been to run a mile under 7 minutes. Seeing improvements in my speed and overall strength. I remember when I first started, I could barely lift the bar and now not only can I lift the bar but I can add weight!

CFPF: When did you start Crossfit and what attracted you to Crossfit Pledge Fitness?

AM: I started in August of last year. Prior to joining Crossfit Pledge Fitness, I was already going to the gym and although it was helping, I realized that I needed something else to bump up my workouts. I started using a waist trainer from TrainingYourWaist, and noticed a huge difference in my stomach and hips. I heard about Crossfit Pledge Fitness through a friend and decided to check it out and I am grateful I did. I came in with an open mind and saw the positive environment created by the coaches and the rest of the other athletes who have become like a family to me.

CFPF: What does your ideal workout look like?

AM: My ideal workout includes a lot of cardio and pushing sleds at 5:30 AM. I hate having to wake up so early, but I love the workout. The pushing and pulling puts all my extremities to work which is something that I love. It is difficult, but it gives me a great sense of satisfaction especially when I compare my progression from the first Friday session I did to now, which makes the waking up at 5 AM worth it!

CFPF: One thing that people don’t know about me is:

AM: I don’t like scary movies.

CFPF: What are your future goals as an athlete?

AM: Among other things, my future goals are to make fitness a permanent part of my life and to continue to learn and improve my fitness and lifestyle as a whole. I want to share what I have learned here with those around me as well as getting slimmer and stronger. I want to get in the best shape of my life and get that highly desired summer body!

CFPF: What’s your secret to achieving and maintaining fitness?

AM: There is no real secret, I believe that staying dedicated to one’s goal and working out consistently are key not only to maintaining fitness but in life in general.