motivating-your-employeesWe all have goals that we want to reach but what keeps you hungry and motivated to train everyday and push your body to achieve those goals. Everyone has a different goal they want to achieve. Some want to get in shape to run a marathon, some want to only be able to keep up with their kids active life style. For me I would like to some day complete a full distance Ironman triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run). Whatever your goal may be it cannot be accomplished unless you put in the work. So I ask again where do you find the motivation to get up and closer to that goal.

For me one of my biggest motivations is my wife. She is currently training to run her first marathon but completing that isn’t the end goal. She plans to run three marathons in one year and eventually some day run an ultra marathon (100 mile run with in 24 hours). Trust me living with such a motivated person can spark a flame in your ass and keep you wanting to improve, But sadly we cannot train together because one of us has to stay back and watch the kids. This is where the motivation from my gym mates comes in.

Having a gym or second home which most of us like to call it, places you in an environment where motivated individuals surround you. Everyone has different goals that they are working towards and have different strengths. Ultimately everyone there is a bad ass in his or her own way. This is why I love Crossfit Pledge Fitness. I can find motivation there anytime through anyone. It’s easy for me to literally go of and run anywhere but I choose to drive to the gym and start and end my run there. I find that being there pumps me up to tackle any challenge. Everyone is friendly, supportive and passionate about fitness.

The goal I have set for myself wont be accomplished over night. I have already completed various triathlon distances this past year. This year I’m focusing on completing a couple half ironman races and in 2016 I will reach my goal of completing a full distance Ironman. In the gym I have found training partners. I swim with my fellow gym mate three times a week, I run with the Pledge running group and I strength train with the evening classes. The coaches know my goals and help me stay focused.

Set a goal so BIG that you can’t achieve it… Until you grow into the person who can.

This quote stays in my head and I repeat it over and over. But its not the quote that keeps me motivated Its the people around me that help me grow that motivate me. Thank you everyone at Pledge Fitness because of your dedication and strength I have grown.

So I ask again what motivates you?

– Jaime Martinez